Drew Bledsoe Trolls Tom Brady With Another Gisele Bundchen Joke After Netflix Roast

Drew Bledsoe Trolls Tom Brady With Another Gisele Bundchen Joke After Netflix Roast
Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen. Getty Images(3)

Tom Brady’s Netflix roast may be over, but the former NFL quarterback continues to take the comedy hits.

More than a week after participating in The Roast of Tom Brady, Brady, 46, faced additional jokes from former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe.

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“A number of years ago, we were skiing in Montana and I happened to bump into Tom up on the slopes,” Bledsoe, 52, shared on the Monday, May 13, episode of the Up and Adams Show. “Obviously, we were skiing in different places because he can’t ski for s–t.”

After the dig at Brady’s athletic abilities, Bledsoe took a playful shot at the Super Bowl champion’s sense of style when recalling a trip down the mountain. “I could tell which one he was because he was just wearing this terrible Under Armour outfit,” he joked.

As the conversation with host Kay Adams continued, Bledsoe decided to add another player into the mix by mentioning Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen.

While recounting his ski trip, Bledsoe remembered another moment when he rushed down the mountain in hopes of spraying Brady. “I missed him and I just covered Gisele with snow,” he shared. “Tom looks at me like it’s go time, like you don’t mess with my wife — or at least back then you didn’t.”

While the story may have received some laughs from listeners, Bledsoe made it clear that Bündchen, 43, was kind and gracious during the encounter.

“She leans over and gives me this great big hug,” he said. “We see them at dinner and Gisele tells me, ‘You know, I normally don’t give big hugs to people I just meet but you don’t understand how you’re talked about in our house.’ It was an incredibly cool and genuine compliment.”

Bledsoe served as quarterback for the New England Patriots for nearly six years before Brady took over in 2001. The pair have maintained a friendly relationship built on respect.

After Netflix premiered The Roast of Tom Brady, a source exclusively told Us Weekly that Bündchen was “offended and upset” about some of the comments made at the live event.

“Gisele and Tom had a ‘no disparaging remarks’ rule when it came to speaking about each other or their marriage and divorce,” the insider explained. “Tom did reach out to Gisele to apologize to her. They are cordial and only communicate about the kids.”

Drew Bledsoe Trolls Tom Brady With Another Gisele Bundchen Joke After Netflix Roast
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix

Over Mother’s Day weekend, the Brady Brand designer paid tribute to the “powerful” moms in his life, including Bündchen, on social media.

“Tom wants to have a good relationship with Gisele,” a source exclusively told Us. “He wants them to have closure and be in a good place.”

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