Drew Bledsoe’s first time meeting Gisele Bündchen reveals what his Tom Brady relationship is really like

Drew Bledsoe isn’t done roasting Tom Brady, but in doing so, he revealed the awkward moment he met Gisele Bündchen for the first time and how it turned into a touching memory.

Bledsoe explained that he saw Brady — who famously took his job as the Patriots starting QB after a 2001 injury — several years ago skiing at a mountain in Montana, where he decided to spray snow into the face of his old teammate whom he saw from a distance thanks to a “terrible Under Armour outfit.”

“Obviously, we were skiing different places because he can’t ski for s–t,” Bledsoe quipped on “Up and Adams” on Monday. “I was going to come in hot and spray Tom. Well, of course, as I come in to spray Tom, I miss and just cover Gisele [Bündchen] in snow, and we have never met.”

Drew Bledsoe can't get enough of slandering Tom Brady.

Drew Bledsoe can’t get enough of slandering Tom Brady.X, @UpAndAdams

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady and Gisele BundchenInstagram/Gisele Bündchen
Bledose’s jokes about Brady’s ex-wife then continued.

“So Tom looks at me like it’s go time, you don’t mess with my wife –– or at least back then you didn’t,” Bledsoe continued while Adams covered her face in shock.”

After the mistake, Bledsoe explained that he had revealed his identity immediately following the poor outcome of the prank, at which point Bündchen hugged him.

“‘Sorry, Gisele, nice to meet you,’” Bledsoe explained after the mistake. “She leans over and gives me this great big hug and later on we see them at dinner, Gisele says to me ‘You know, I normally don’t give people great big hugs when I first meet them, but you don’t understand how you are talked about in our house.’”

Warning: Explicit language

Drew Bledsoe had a bit more left in the tank for Tom Brady after the roast.
Drew Bledsoe had a bit more left in the tank for Tom Brady after the roast.Getty Images for Netflix

Tom Brady at his Netflix roast
Tom Brady at his Netflix roastAFP via Getty Images
Bledsoe was the incumbent ahead of Brady on the depth chart in New England until a freak injury during a game against the Jets led to Brady taking over — and never relinquishing — the starting role for the Patriots,

“It was an incredibly cool and very genuine conversation, and there’s always great mutual respect between the two of us,” Bledsoe concluded. “We haven’t gotten to hang out since the last time we got to hang out, and that was a number of years ago.”

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