Angel City F.C. had a great evening this past Sunday. The Los Angeles’ women’s soccer team had the support of stars like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner, Jane Fonda, and more, as they played a match against OL Reign and honored Megan Rapinoe, the beloved soccer star who’s retiring at 38 years old.


Videos captured by Angel City showed multiple celebrities in the stands, showing support for one of the greatest icons in women’s soccer history. Garner, Sophia Bush, Longoria, Fonda, and more were seen excitedly cheering on the stands, often joined by their children and friends while wearing the teams jerseys.

A video shows Longoria and Tracee Ellis Ross keeping the crowds pumped up and entertained, as the two banged on drums and had a good time together. While Longoria banged on the drug, Ross was in charge of recording them, resulting in lots of laughter.“Tracee Ellis Ross and Eva Longoria firing up the home crowd in Los Angeles,” reads the caption, shared by the National Women’s Soccer League.

What is Angel City F.C?

Angel City F.C. is a soccer team co-owned by various female celebrities, including Longoria, Garner, Jessica Chastain, Natalie Portman, and more.

Earlier this year, Portman revealed she got into the business because she was inspired by her son’s love of the game. “My love for it really came from my son,” said Portman, per the Sydney Morning Herald.“Aleph was seven or eight when the last Women’s World Cup was happening, and I saw him looking at the female players with the same admiration and passion and fandom as he did with the men’s players in the men’s World Cup. And I was like ‘this is culture change. This is it’. If our boys look up to women like that, that’s how everything changes. And that’s what got me really excited.”

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