eleigh Teller’s been working overtime since Taylor Swift released The Tortured Poets Department on April 19. On TikTok, Teller has been posting videos to Swift’s latest tracks, prompting one fan to name her “the department’s social media manager.” And it’s not all musical fun and games, Teller’s also spilling some tea with her posts.

Amidst all of the fangirling, Teller — who has a coveted spot in Swift’s quad — has been engaging with fans in the comments section — and she even seemed to throw a little shade toward Swift’s ex Joe Alwyn. In other words, Keller’s TikTok account has officially become a can’t-miss destination for Swifties who want to stay up to date on all the TTPD goss.

On April 20, Teller shared a video on the app, asking for everyone’s favorite song. (She picked “So Long, London” as her background music.) Once Swifties started commenting, Teller replied to their comments, too, shedding more insight into the Swiftieverse.

When one fan named “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart” as their top pick (valid), Teller replied, “As a friend, this one hurts so much. She goes on stage sad or happy it’s so incredible.”

A different commenter had “So High School” as their fave “because she’s found her someone.” Teller replied, “Aw ya wow so many people are choosing that as so far fav!” (Cue Regina George voice: Does this mean Teller agrees — Travis Kelce is really Swift’s “someone”?)

Keleigh Teller's TikTok referenced Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets Department.'TIKTOK: @KELEIGHTELLER

Since then, Keller’s posted nine videos featuring TTPD tracks. There are some repeats, but so far, she’s used sounds for:

“So Long, London”
“I Look In People’s Windows”

“Down Bad”
“How Did It End?”
“The Bolter”

With every Swift-themed TikTok that Teller has made, she has proven she’s one of the Swifties — even if that occasionally means throwing a bit of shade. On April 23, Teller posted a video montage of her and husband Miles Teller traveling in the U.K. to a heartbreaking mashup of “So Long, London” and “London Boy” — on TikTok, the sound is named “so long London boy.”

As if that wasn’t poignant enough, when a fan commented, “London would heal me rn,” Teller gave a pointed reply: “No it wouldn’t it’s grey and never changes.” (It seems like she has since deleted the comment thread, but not before Swifties got a screenshot.)

Keleigh Teller's TikTok videos and comments referenced Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets Department.'TIKTOK: @KELEIGHTELLER; X: @KAIAMAL13

On April 24, one fan commented on a video of Teller’s (a wedding throwback of the garter toss), “I am heeeerrree for your over sharing era.” Teller replied, “I appreciate that.” Here’s hoping she keeps up the oversharing for all 31 songs.

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