Gisele Bundchen goes viral after catching strays during Tom Brady roasting

Sunday night was fairly quiet in the sports world, so many folks found themselves tuning into “The Roast of Tom Brady” on Netflix. Brady allowed himself to be the subject of some vicious roasts from some of his closest friends and a handful of comedians, and while he caught a lot of heat, he wasn’t alone.

One of the most popular secondary targets of the night was Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bundchen, and the amount of roasts in her direction surprised quite a few spectators.

Brady and Bundchen had been married from 2009 to 2022 with many believing that Brady’s decision to return and play football for the 2022 campaign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the main reason for their split.

And unsurprisingly, many of the roasters took their chance to not only take aim at Brady but Bundchen as well, leading to some surprised reactions on social media.

Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen a hot topic during this roast

Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen look out over Fenway during the 7th inning stretch.

Mandatory Credit: Bob Breidenback-USA TODAY NETWORK
Brady was not let off the hook at all during this roast with many of the folks closest to him also getting roasted quite a bit throughout the event. While guys like Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman took their fair share of blows, Bundchen was the target that everyone seemed to keep on looping back to.

Whether it was Brady’s decision to sacrifice his family for one more mediocre season of football with the Bucs, the rumors that Bundchen cheated on him with her jiu-jitsu trainer, or the simple fact that their marriage was over, there was no hiding for either of these two during the event. So it’s probably a good thing that Bundchen was in attendance for this roast.

There have been roasts before, but not many fans were sure what to expect with this Brady roast. Would people be allowed to go all-in on him, or would there be some sort of limit set in place? And with some of his former teammates roasting him, it was fair to wonder whether they would actually be good at delivering their jokes.

Sure enough, though, it was quickly made clear that nothing was off the table, with Bundchen being one of the first targets of Kevin Hart’s opening roast.

And as a credit to Brady’s friends, Gronk, Edelman, and Bill Belichick were considered some of the top roasters of the night. If you are a fan of this sort of comedy or Brady in general, this was probably an extremely enjoyable event for you to watch.

The same probably cannot be said for Bundchen, who found herself being the butt of quite a few vicious jokes. And while this was labeled as a roast of Brady, the amount of times Bundchen found herself in the crosshairs of a roaster’s aim seemed to lead many viewers to believe that this could have doubled as a roast of both Brady and Gisele.

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