I’m an NFL quarterback who played in Super Bowl – now I’m going on a road trip in a tractor with my teammate

SAN Francisco 49ers star Brock Purdy is used to the big stage, but now he’s showing his acting skills off… while driving a tractor.

Yes, you read that correctly. Purdy has been driving a tractor in a new John Deere commercial.

Purdy driving the tractor in the commercial

Purdy driving the tractor in the commercialCredit: Instagram/johndeere

Brady and McKivitz were supposed to take a road trip but didn't get far

Brady and McKivitz were supposed to take a road trip but didn’t get farCredit: Instagram/johndeere
In the commercial, Purdy is seen on the hunt for a CTO – that’s Chief Tractor Officer – to be a part of John Deere’s social media team.

Purdy is joined by his 49ers teammate Colton McKivitz in the video where they attempt to go on a road trip to find the new “QB of JD”.

The problem is the pair hardly make it anywhere.

Every time the tractor moves a few yards, Purdy is disturbed on his phone by people saying they’re desperate for the job.

Indiana Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton is the first to call.

Then there’s gymnast Gabby Douglas, TikTokker Anna Frey and Corn Kid among others.

At one stage, McKivitz suggests he does the driving, to which Purdy replies, “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Interested candidates are being asked to submit a 60-second video that shows off their creativity, humor and passion.

It’s not surprising that John Deere, among others, are keen to cash in on the Purdy name.

The 24-year-old quarterback has had a stunning couple of years since breaking into the 49ers team because of injuries to other players.

Inside Super Bowl QB Brock Purdy’s frugal lifestyle with 49ers star splitting tiny rent with roommate and ‘low’ salary
In the 2022 season, he helped the 49ers all the way to the NFC Championship game.

But he picked up an injury early on in their meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles, and the 49ers went down to defeat.

San Francisco then went one step further in the 2023 season, reaching the Super Bowl.

But they suffered heartbreak in Las Vegas, losing in overtime to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Purdy played for the 49ers in February's Super Bowl in Las Vegas
Purdy played for the 49ers in February’s Super Bowl in Las VegasCredit: Getty
Purdy revealed recently that while filming the John Deere commercial, he saved a news anchor from being attacked by a coyote.

Local CBS affiliate KPIX-TV anchor Sara Donchey was strolling nearby, while a coyote was trailing behind close to her, in the Bernal Heights Park area of San Francisco.

Purdy told the story on The Pat McAfee Show.

“I see this thing trotting by that has a big tail. I was like, ‘That looks like a mini wolf.’

“No one else was gonna scream, so I screamed, ‘Yo, there’s a coyote!’

“That thing went running off. It could’ve been an ugly day on the shoot, but we saved her [Sara].”

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