Jennifer Garner is ‘proud to show off’ her boyfriend, who you might recognize

After her public split from Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner has found happiness with businessman John Miller, far from the flashing cameras that follow her ex-husband and his new wife, Jennifer Lopez.

Unlike the high-profile romance of “Bennifer,” Garner prefers a low-key life with Miller, who is also the CEO of CaliBurger.

Garner, who has charmed audiences with her warm, dimpled smile, began her discreet relationship with Miller around the time her divorce from Affleck was finalized in 2018. While Affleck’s reunion with Lopez made headlines, Garner and Miller’s love story quietly blossomed out of the spotlight.

John Miller isn’t a Hollywood type. He’s a lawyer and businessman, previously married to violinist Caroline Campbell, with whom he has two children. Like Garner, Miller enjoys a quiet life, far from the glitz of Hollywood. Those close to the couple say they rarely seek public attention and enjoy their privacy.

Their relationship had a brief hiccup, pausing in August 2020, but by spring 2021, things were back on track. Friends of the couple say that they bring out the best in each other, providing support and joy without suffocating one another. They enjoy traveling together and have been seen more comfortable in public recently, even sharing a few kisses.

This low-profile couple finally reached a new level of public comfort in July 2022 when they were spotted together around the time Affleck married Lopez. Reports showed that Garner and Miller were unfazed by the media circus, focused instead on their own quiet companionship.

In January 2023, they were seen together with Affleck, highlighting that all parties involved are on good terms. Recently, Garner isn’t as reserved about her relationship, showing off Miller more confidently, which marks a significant shift from her earlier, more private nature.

As Garner celebrated her 50th birthday, she and Miller brought their families together for a community event, though they are not rushing into blending their families completely. Marriage talks are on the table, but without pressure. For now, Garner is content to enjoy their relationship as it is, away from the public eye.

Jennifer Garner’s journey from a high-profile marriage to finding peace in a less conspicuous relationship shows a path of personal happiness and mutual respect with John Miller. It’s a reminder that love doesn’t always need to be under the limelight to be deeply fulfilling.

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