Jennifer Garner Struggling to Scrape Together Toll Booth Change in Hilarious New Video Is All of Us

Need proof celebrities have hot mess moments, too? Jennifer Garner struggling to pay an Oklahoma toll booth is all of us — and, well, it’s also hilarious. The always endearing actress never shies away from sharing her not-so-put-together moments (see: her post-dentist videos), and this one proves to be one of the most relatable yet.

On Saturday, Garner took fans along for the ride as she rolled through an Oklahoma toll booth. Or at least attempted to. In the comical clip, Garner can be seen feeding dollars into a machine to get change for the toll. “Oh no,” she gasps as she drops some change while scooping it out of the machine. “Lord have mercy.” She counts out change, wondering aloud if it’s going to be enough, adding, “Just say a little prayer.” It isn’t enough. She scrambles, finds some more change and manages to make her way through, admitting, “Gracious. I’m all flustered.”

Because she is the gift that keeps on giving, Garner posted the fiasco on her Instagram. “Apologies to cars stacked behind me at the OK/AR tollbooth last night. Real world problems are hard,” she wrote, adding the hashtags #thirteenquarters and #thankyouforyourpatience.

Garner’s toll booth adventure is the latest in a growing collection of comically relatable posts from the actress. In June, she shared a video of herself talking to a pair of sweatpants — inviting them to go on a trip with her and kissing them before placing them in her bag. In July, she poked fun of herself by sharing the glamorous cover of Adele’s 21 album alongside a decidedly un-glamorous throwback photo of herself at 21. And in September, she shared a video of herself trying to speak after having her face numbed at the dentist’s office (although her funniest post-dentist trip has to be her Hamilton hysteria).

Basically, she’s the best. Although, admittedly, the other drivers at that Oklahoma tollbooth might have thought otherwise while being stuck behind Garner’s hot mess express. At least now they have a funny story to tell, right?

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