Kim Kardashian compares Khloé to Brendan Fraser’s character in ‘The Whale’ during heated argument

“It’s like The Whale,” Kim tells Khloé, urging her to “interact with other human beings.”
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In the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian made a startling comparison between her younger sister Khloé and a character from the 2022 drama The Whale.

The incident occurred during an argument about Khloé’s preference to stay home, which led Kim to call Khloé “condescending” over her desire to style Kim’s youngest daughter, Chicago West’s hair.

While insisting she “wasn’t trying to shame” Khloé, the SKIMS founder intensified her comments in a confessional scene.

“Maybe you wouldn’t have such a stick up your ass over hair gel if you lived your life a little bit,” Kim remarked, suggesting that Khloé should interact with people outside of her immediate family.

“Interact with other human beings besides the children and your family all day long. We’re great, I know, but you need some other human interaction.”

Kim further highlighted Khloé’s behavior, mentioning how Khloé once FaceTimed her children while at a party.

This led to Kim making a shocking comparison to Charlie, the morbidly obese character from The Whale, a role that earned Brendan Fraser an Academy Award for Best Actor.

“It’s like The Whale,” Kim told Khloé. “The guy won’t leave his house cause he’s, you know…”

Khloé, taken aback, responded, “I’m Brendan Fraser?” Kim confirmed the comparison, adding, “I’m just saying… I don’t know why that came to mind.”

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, The Whale marked Fraser’s Hollywood comeback, requiring extensive silicone-based fabrications and makeup to portray the 600-pound character, a process that took six hours to complete.

Concerned about the implication, Khloé replied, “Oh, I thought you were gonna say I look like a whale. I’m like, what?”

Kim urged Khloé to take a break from her children, prompting an irritated Khloé to suggest in a confessional that Kim’s comments were a form of “mom-shaming.”

“Why are we constantly nitpicking what I do in my personal house if I’m not asking you to live the same life? Can’t we all just be, I don’t know, like the moms we want to be?” Khloé asked.

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