Movie Trailer Released for ‘James Bond 26’ Starring Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie?

On April 13, 2024, the KH Studio YouTube account published a purported movie trailer for the next film in the James Bond franchise. The video was titled, “Bond 26 – First Trailer | Henry Cavill, Margot Robbie.” It features “Man of Steel” actor Henry Cavill and “Barbie” actor Margot Robbie.

As of April 16, the trailer had already received nearly 2 million views and was prominently featured on the content discovery product, Google Discover.

The “Bond 26” trailer video as it appeared on Google Discover.

The last time moviegoers caught a glimpse of the fictional James Bond on the big screen was actor Daniel Craig’s last film in the franchise, back in 2021 in “No Time to Die.” Since then, the rumor mill has been alive and well regarding which actor might be next to step into Bond’s shoes. Plans for the franchise’s next film have not yet been made public.

As for the “Bond 26” trailer, the truth is, it’s a concept trailer. In other words, the trailer was simply made for fun by a fan, including with an array of visual effects and sound effects.



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