(TC) ‘Biggest and sweetest fangirl’: Fans spotted Lisa BlackPink in Taylor Swift’s concert in Singapore

BlackPink group member Lisa was present at Singapore National Stadium to attend Taylor Swift’s concert on Monday.

Lisa appeared at Taylor Swift's concert in Singapore on March 3.

Lisa (BlackPink) suddenly appeared at Singapore National Stadium to enjoy the second music night of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour in Singapore on the afternoon of March 3.

The female idol attracted attention with her beautiful appearance, wearing a dynamic black outfit, showing off her long, slender legs. Lisa’s presence at Taylor Swift ‘s concert excited fans.

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The Eras Tour  is Taylor Swift’s famous concert series. In October 2023, she became a billionaire thanks to a successful tour. According to the Guinness Organization,  Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour  is the highest-grossing concert series of all time, reaching more than 1 billion USD, surpassing Elton John’s record of 939 million USD.

BLACKPINK's Lisa beats Taylor Swift's YouTube Record

Taylor Swift’s tour in Singapore will last 6 nights from March 2, 3, 4 and March 7, 8, 9. Each show will include 44 songs divided into 10 parts, expected to last more than 3 hours. Taylor Swift’s first show took place on the evening of March 2, bringing a colorful music party, attracting about 60,000 spectators.

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In order for Taylor Swift to agree to bring The Eras Tour to Singapore, the Government of this country generously spent 400 billion VND. This is the number for the female singer to perform exclusively in Southeast Asia. Economic experts estimate that Taylor Swift’s tour could boost Singapore’s economy by $500 million from tourism revenue.

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