(TC) Breaking news : Taylor Swift drops a New song for boyfriend Travis Kelce ” Sometimes it feels like I’m dreaming, but then I realize it’s all real. Thank you for being mine !!

In an electrifying update, Taylor Swift has unveiled a new song dedicated to her beloved boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Titled “Sometimes it feels like I’m dreaming, but then I realize it’s all real. Thank you for being mine!!”, the heartfelt track will make its debut performance at the upcoming Eras Tour stop in Singapore.

Fans were ecstatic to learn of Swift’s latest musical creation, a touching ode to her relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs star. The title alone speaks volumes about the deep emotions and appreciation Swift feels for Kelce, capturing the essence of their love story.

“Sometimes it feels like I’m dreaming, but then I realize it’s all real. Thank you for being mine!!,” Swift announced on social media alongside a snippet of the song. The announcement has since ignited a flurry of excitement and anticipation among fans worldwide.

The song itself is a melodic masterpiece, blending Swift’s poignant lyrics with enchanting melodies. Fans have eagerly analyzed the heartfelt verses, finding moments of vulnerability and raw emotion woven throughout.

“Taylor’s new song for Travis is absolutely breathtaking. The lyrics are so heartfelt and sincere, it’s clear how deeply she cares for him,” one fan gushed on social media.

Travis Kelce, known for his unwavering support of Swift’s musical endeavors, was reportedly moved and deeply touched by the song. Sources close to the couple revealed that Kelce was surprised and overjoyed by the heartfelt tribute from Swift.

“Travis was completely blown away by Taylor’s new song for him. He was moved by the lyrics and the sentiment behind it,” a close source shared. “It’s moments like these that strengthen their bond even more.”

However, there’s a twist to this heartfelt release – the song will be performed exclusively at the Eras Tour stop in Singapore, with Swift declaring that it will only be sung if Travis Kelce is in attendance.

“Join us in Singapore for a special moment as I perform ‘Sometimes it feels like I’m dreaming, but then I realize it’s all real. Thank you for being mine!!’ if Travis is there,” Swift teased in her social media post.

Travis Kelce Says He ‘Loves It’ When Taylor Swift Supports Him at Games Despite the ‘Cranky NFL Fans’

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift . PHOTO: ROB CARR/GETTY


Travis Kelce is proud to have support from his superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Kelce, 34, opened up about how the couple maintain their privacy despite their celebrity status on Wednesday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show.

Kansas City’s star tight end said, “It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Hopefully, everybody realizes we’re just two people supporting each other and having fun with it, man.”

Kelce continued, “It’s nothing more than that, and how much the world wants to paint the picture and make us the enemy, we just have fun with it, and we enjoy every single bit of it.”

With Swift becoming a celebrated member of Chiefs Kingdom after regularly supporting the team at games throughout the season, Kelce gushed over the singer finding time to attend games despite her ultra-packed schedule.

Travis Kelce Calls Taylor Swift ‘Tay’ as He Reminisces About Celebrating on Field Together After AFC Win

“I love it when Taylor comes and supports me and enjoys the game with the fam and friends,” Kelce said. “It’s been nothing but a wonderful year, man.”

Kelce said he and Swift are aware of the NFL purists who criticize the league’s coverage of the singer during games, and that Swift “has dealt with” similar negativity “forever.”

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift.ROB CARR/GETTY

“We hear it but we hardly ever talk about it,” Kelce said, brushing off the digital toxicity by calling hateful comments “nothing to even talk about, nothing to really bring up.”

Looking back on having his girlfriend by his side throughout the NFL season, Kelce said the experience was “brand new” for him, citing “having the paparazzi follow me every single day into work” and “everybody having my name on their talk show” as elements of the media frenzy he’s learned to adapt to while dating Swift.


“You know, it’s been a crazy, crazy ride that I could have never anticipated,” Kelce shared. “But I’m having fun with it. The majority of the world is having fun with it, outside all the cranky NFL fans that just don’t want to see the Chiefs win,” he added.

Still, Kelce joked that he and Swift are “slowly” winning over the naysayers. “You know what, we’re slowly reeling them in. They’re fighting it right now,” he joked.

After the Chiefs won the AFC Championship game in Baltimore on Sunday, Swift joined him on the field to congratulate him — and he and the pop star shared several sweet moments together.

The couple shared several kisses and the NFL star was heard saying, “I love you,” during the celebrations in Baltimore.

Travis Kelce Confirms He Can’t Attend the Grammys with Taylor Swift Due to Super Bowl: ‘I Wish I Could’

During the AFC Championship ceremony at M&T Bank Stadium, the NFL star’s parents, Ed and Donna Kelce, and his brother, Jason Kelce, joined him and Swift on the field.

Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce. PATRICK SMITH/GETTY

On Wednesday’s episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Travis said to his brother, “Shoutout to Tay, thanks for joining the team,” after Jason, 36, joked that Swift had “reached the Super Bowl in her rookie year.”

“It was so fun seeing you guys afterwards hanging around to see us raise that Lamar Hunt trophy yet again,” Travis said. “We had the whole family down on the field,” Jason recalled. “We had me, mom, dad and Taylor. Everybody was down there.”

Among the other sweet moments the couple shared on the field included several kisses and embraces, and the NFL star switched up his usual “Tay” nickname to call the singer “sweetie” in a video captured and circulated online.

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