(tc) Is Jennifer Lopez A Good Stepmom? Critics cite her Reputation for being “Rude”

When the idea of a stepmother pops into mind, the first thing that most think of is an evil version of the parental figure.

A woman who is either trying to take over the role of the children’s biological mother or does not treat her stepchildren the same as her own children. These were roles that the public seemed to want to cast Jennifer Lopez in.

Despite the relationship she has with her own children or how close she was with Aaron Rodiguez’s girls, the diva behavior that the Marry Me star is claimed to have with restaurant staff, assistants, or those outside of her inner circle is how some believed she would treat Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel Garner-Affleck, casting Lopez in the role of the wicked step-mother.

Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Have The Best Reputation

Throughout Lopez’s career, there have been allegations that the Shotgun Wedding star will not talk to flight attendants, will not go on stage if she does not have certain items in her dressing room before a concert, or will not stay at a hotel without lists of requested items fulfilled, all things that Lopez has tried to debunk or claim have been said about her because of the sexism in the entertainment industry.

Once these claims are made, however, it is hard to shake them and harder still to look like a nurturing and caring mother, stepmother, and role model for her children or stepchildren.

And because of this, Lopez consistently finds herself facing an uphill battle when it comes to her relationship with her husband, Ben Affleck’s children in the press, even though there are no reports that show there is tension on the home front.

Because of this, critics are constantly asking the question, is Jennifer Lopez a good stepmom, always citing her reputation for being “rude.”

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