(TC) Jennifer Garner Disses Ben Affleck And Their Kids As She Reveals She’s Prioritizing “Own Life”

It’s been years since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck ended their marriage, but the actress says only now does she feel like she can finally start focusing on her own life.

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During an appearance on the podcast Raising Good Humans, Garner opened up about how difficult it was to adjust to being a mother when she had her children (she shares three with Affleck).

Why Garner Says She Was “So Over” Her Kids

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“When I had my first, I was so over that kid,” Jennifer admitted, explaining that giving her kid space meant having more time for herself. “The best thing for them was for me to build up my own life so I wasn’t so on top of them.”

Garner’s comments may have been innocent enough, but the actress reportedly was a rock for Affleck for many years as he struggled with addiction. She was even seen driving him to a rehab following their break-up.

Garner Is Glad To See Affleck Moved On

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When Affleck married Jennifer Lopez in 2022, there was speculation that Garner may have been upset to see her ex-husband move on. But one report claimed she was glad Affleck would now be Lopez’s responsibility, giving Garner more time to focus on herself and her personal life.

“I’m sure she’s thrilled to get rid of her fourth child,” a source told Page Six in August 2022. “Jen has always approached things the same, no matter who Ben has been with. They have kids together — so if he has another episode, or falls off the wagon, it would be her problem.”

“Jen is a great mother, she has really mothered those kids — and it’s great that she doesn’t have to have a fourth child anymore,” the insider went on. “Jen grew up with her parents happily married and her sisters are married, so I know that she wanted it to work out. But she’s moved on.”

Ben Affleck plants a kiss on the side of his eldest child Violet's head  after she drives to dinner | Daily Mail Online

While Garner may be enjoying life nowadays, rumors of marital strife have been following Affleck and Lopez since they tied the knot. Some reports suggest Lopez is jealous by how close Affleck is to his ex-wife. One report alleges Lopez even insisted on marriage counselling as a result.

One insider claimed that Affleck struck a nerve when he suggested going on a double date with Garner and her partner Scott Foley, which Lopez apparently flat-out refused.
“Ben gets on great with John and has suggested couples’ date nights to him and Jen, which they are both down with. But J-Lo turns it down flat every time,” a source told Closer Magazine.
“Ben doesn’t understand why J-Lo won’t give Jennifer and John a chance – he thinks it would be a lot of fun and great for the kids,” they continued. ”[Ben] hates how they come across as anti-social when they turn down invites.”

A different report added that Lopez was insisting on getting a post-nup shortly after their wedding for fear their union won’t last. “Both of them are realists who have been through divorce and don’t want to be dealing with a nightmare money battle if they don’t make it out of this rough patch,” they said, adding J.Lo is “still giving this marriage everything she’s got.”

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