(tc) New Theory About Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen’s Divorce Is Setting Social Media Ablaze (VIDEO)

Tom Brady with item in his mouth while Gisele is on the phone while sitting
We have heard a ton of theories about how and why the marriage between Tom Brady and Gisele fell apart.

The latest one comes from a TikTok video that did a deep dive into Brady and Gisele and their involvement in the cryptocurrency platform FTX – which recently went bankrupt.

The vide goes through the timeline from April-November 2022 and highlights how things continued to go downhill by finding out the amount of money they put into FTX likely weighed on them and the relationship.

Fans ate it up in the comments:

do you think the divorce is a farce to protect their wealth?
Your theory makes so much sense. Like I found all the divorce news stories so random. Like nobody was asking for all that info

Wait. Is their divorce a charade to save their fortunes?!??

Eli5 they lost a lot of money in FTX and it caused marital issues. Makes sense why he goes back to work.

So are we saying they got the Tip, withdrew all their money and using the divorce excuse why they withdrew it?

She bought a house in her name only in Miami last year Feb 2021 – after Super Bowl. I think she wanted divorce so he said might as well not retire.

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