‘They take so many shots at each other,’ says First Take guest as Molly Qerim tears into ‘Easter Bunny’ Stephen A. Smith

ESPN’s Ryan Clark has called out Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim for bickering live on air.

The First Take pairing sniped at each other throughout the opening moments of Friday’s episode.

Stephen A. Smith (left) and Molly Qerim were arguing moments into Friday's First Take

Stephen A. Smith (left) and Molly Qerim were arguing moments into Friday’s First TakeCredit: First Take/ESPN

Qerim gave Smith a new nickname after he wore a bright blue periwinkle suit live on air

Qerim gave Smith a new nickname after he wore a bright blue periwinkle suit live on airCredit: First Take/ESPN

ESPN's Ryan Clark couldn't believe the argument as he called in from the NFL Draft

ESPN’s Ryan Clark couldn’t believe the argument as he called in from the NFL DraftCredit: First Take/ESPN
Clark joined the crew from the NFL Draft in Detroit, Michigan, to discuss all the moves from Thursday’s first round.

But before the panel could even get into sports, Molly was poking fun at Stephen A.

Smith rocked a smart blue suit, a sharp contrast to an eye-catching periwinkle blue number he wore on Wednesday.

Qerim introduced Clark and co-analyst Marcus Spears before turning on her co-host.

“Stephen A. Smith is here, not dressed as the Easter Bunny,” she quipped, “It’s very special.”

Clark and Spears burst out laughing as they joined the show via video link from Detroit.

“They take so many shots at each other!” former NFL safety Clark laughed.

“She ain’t walking around here in sweatpants,” Smith fired back, an apparent reference to Molly’s outfit on Thursday’s show.

Smith pretended to applaud his co-star of 8 years with Clark and Spears shaking their heads.

“Easter Bunny? LOL @mollyqerim Still firing shots,” laughed on viewer on X.

Molly Qerim left speechless as Stephen A. Smith reveals he’s hitting gym ‘six days a week’ for new career venture
Qerim and Smith’s on-screen chemistry has seen First Take’s ratings skyrocket over the past two years.

Earlier this month, ESPN announced the show had experienced its 20th consecutive month of year-on-year growth.

It followed the most viewed March on record, with an average of 486,000 viewers tuning in to see Stephen A.’s rants.

First Take in its current format has proved a big hit but has seen its audience share leap since last year after the addition of NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe made the leap across from FS1’s Undipsuited, where he formerly faced off with Smith’s ex-sparring partner Skip Bayless.

Stephen A. Smith career timeline

STEPHEN A. Smith is now the face of ESPN and an executive producer on First Take having initially started working for the company back in 2003.

Smith has held various roles with network, including hosting radio shows, SportsCenter contributions and appearing on NBA Countdown.

He was a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer from 1994 to 2010.

His initial role was to be an NBA writer before he later became a general sports columnist.

And before that, Smith worked as a reporter with Winston-Salem Journal, the Greensboro News and the New York Daily News.

While Stephen A. announced on Thursday he was set for a new career venture in fashion.

The 56-year-old claimed he had been selected to model suits at New York Fashion Week.

“You think I’ve been in the gym six days a week for nothing?” he joked, to an eye-roll from Molly.

“Now we’re adding modeling to the repertoire?” Qerim exclaimed in response.

“This is just too much for one girl to take.”

First Take airs every weekday on ESPN from 10 am ET.

Qerim appeared to be referencing Smith's eye-popping look from Wednesday's show
Qerim appeared to be referencing Smith’s eye-popping look from Wednesday’s showCredit: ESPN

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