Tom Brady tries to be a good father after divorcing Gisele Bundchen

In the latest episode of the Let’s Go podcast, NFL star Tom Brady opened up about prioritizing his children after his divorce from Gisele Bundchen. According to Page Six, Brady stated, “I want to be the best father I can be.”

Brady, who has three children, emphasized the importance of being a strong support system for his kids, drawing inspiration from his own parents. “My parents used to tell me, ‘Son, you can do it.’ That motivated me to succeed. I also want to do the same for my children,” the Super Bowl champion revealed.

The breakdown of Brady and Bundchen’s marriage was reportedly attributed to Brady’s previous focus on his career rather than his family. However, following the divorce, the 45-year-old athlete has dedicated more time to his children.

In September, Brady’s children, Jack, Benjamin, and Vivian, attended their father’s first home game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Florida. A month later, Brady took his kids out for Halloween activities and participated in volunteer work with them.

Brady shared that he is learning to balance his roles as a father and his personal career aspirations. “I’m really focused on two things. First is taking care of my family, especially my children. Second is winning games at all costs,” the 45-year-old player said.

“I focus on work during working hours, but when I’m home, I prioritize my family. I will continue to strive for this balance for as long as I’m working and being a father,” he added.

Both Brady and Bundchen have reportedly been asked to attend family stability courses to help them understand the impact of divorce on parents and children.

In conclusion, Tom Brady’s shift in focus towards his children post-divorce reflects his commitment to being a dedicated father while pursuing his career goals.

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