Tom Brady’s Efforts to Salvage Marriage Met with Gisele Bundchen’s Resignation

According to Page Six, NFL star Tom Brady was willing to undergo therapy and marriage counseling in a bid to save his marriage before both parties filed for and finalized their divorce on October 28. Brady didn’t want his children to experience the turmoil of their parents separating.

Sources indicate that the football player was prepared to seek therapy and counseling, but Gisele Bundchen deemed these efforts too late and futile. The former Victoria’s Secret model had given Tom many opportunities to mend their relationship, but he was preoccupied with pursuing his passions.

Continuously urging Tom to spend more time with their children, Gisele felt neglected as she struggled with child-rearing responsibilities alone. Ultimately, she decided to remove her wedding ring and file for divorce.

Post-divorce, Tom Brady has been dedicating more time to his children. He was spotted happily taking his daughter Vivian (9 years old) and son Benjamin (12 years old) to watch a movie at CMX CineBistro in Hyde Park on October 30. Additionally, he enrolled in a “family stability” course.

In a September interview with Elle, the former supermodel hinted at her husband prioritizing his career over family, expressing concerns about his return to professional pursuits.

Early in October, a People source confirmed, “Gisele is sad about the long-standing rift. There are challenges ahead, but she feels the need to move forward. The supermodel believes her marriage to Tom cannot be salvaged anymore.”

Gisele Bundchen began dating Tom Brady in 2006, a year after the model ended her relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. They tied the knot in 2009 and have two children together. The pair were once regarded as an epitome of happiness in the sports-entertainment world.

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