VIDEO: Caitlin Clark Showed Up To Tonight’s Clash vs. Angel Reese With A Dress That Was So Short, She Needed Her Hand To Keep It From Showing Too Much /tc

Caitlin Clark smiling

Caitlin Clark (Photo via @IndianaFever/X)

Caitlin Clark’s pregame outfit was a bit shorter than we expected it to be ahead of her matchup vs. Angel Reese and the Chicago Sky on Sunday afternoon.

The Indiana Fever rookie is playing her third professional game against her college rival this weekend, having gotten the better of her on the first two occasions.

Clark’s Fever are also picking up some pace and are now 7-10 for the season after their worrying start. They’ll be looking to make it 8-10 in their showdown with the Sky, who have since dropped form on the back of a decent beginning to the term.

Indiana took to X/Twitter ahead of the game to post a video of their players getting on the team bus to head to the game on Sunday.

Clark was first up and was wearing a surprisingly short grey dress that she had to keep her hand on to prevent it from riding up her thighs.

Fans Noticed How Uncomfortable Caitlin Clark Looked

The way Clark moved did not go unnoticed; some pointed it out in the comments.

“CC always looks so uncomfortable in these clothes Prada forces her to wear,” a fan said. “I wish they would just let her be herself…smh.”

“You’re right. CC is 100% basketball, 100% of the time,” another user responded. “Her attitude and demeanor remind me of Peyton Manning.  I guarantee she’d rather be wearing some adidas pants and a t-shirt.”

The Fever led 46-45 going into halftime, with Caitlin Clark scoring eight points along with three rebounds and seven assists.

Angel Reese, who wore quite the provocative outfit herself on the day, had eight points, eight rebounds, and one assist, looking well on her way to a double-double.

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