WATCH: $1.2M NIL valued LSU star Flau’Jae Johnson grooves on her new music video ‘Perfect Timing’

LSU guard and rapper Flau’Jae Johnson released her latest single, ‘Perfect Timing,’ on Sunday. In the song, the star raps about her life as a basketball player and a role model for young fans of the sport.

The $1.2 million NIL-valued (per On3) Flau’Jae Johnson released “AMF (Ain’t My Fault)” with rapper NLE Choppa on March 26 as the Tigers were on a hot March Madness campaign.

Johnson is reportedly set to release a song with rapper Lil Wayne in the summer for her upcoming album, BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

“I’ve been rapping and playing basketball my whole life,” Flau’Jae Johnson said. “Now that they see me on different stages, they always ask, ‘How do you do it?’ But it’s like, I’ve been doing it. Turn up in the summer, play basketball during basketball season and then go on about my day.”

Flau’Jae Johnson draws inspiration from her father’s music career

Flau’Jae Johnson began rapping at seven years old, inspired in part by her father, Jason Johnson. Known by his stage name, Camouflage, he was famous for his songs “Cut Friends” and “Laying My Stunt Down.”

Just months before Johnson’s birth, her father was fatally shot in 2003. Although she never got to meet him, Flau’Jae says (via The New York Times) that she feels his presence every day.

“He’s definitely my No. 1 inspiration,” Johnson said. “I get my whole swag from him.”

Flau’Jae Johnson was 13 years old when she appeared on season three of “The Rap Game.” Her passionate performance piqued the interest of the executive producers, Golden Globe winner and Grammy nominee Queen Latifah and Grammy winner Jermaine Dupri.

A year later, Johnson went on “America’s Got Talent” performing her original song, “Guns Down”, and advanced to the judge cuts. Freestyling over the beat of “Ready or Not” by the Fugees, Johnson rapped, “They killed my dad while my mama was pregnant. How’m I supposed to feel?”

She exited after the quarterfinals, but not before she earned the coveted Golden Buzzer for another original track, “Letdown.”

Flau’Jae Johnson’s life as a college basketball player and music artist go hand-in-hand. Her off-campus apartment is also her recording studio, equipped with speakers, a microphone and monitors.

When she is not playing, Flau’Jae is working on her next song, penning down the lyrics in between flights and during her free time.

At LSU, Johnson prepares to lead the Tigers to another championship, although this time she is without Angel Reese.

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