WATCH: ‘Awkward’ Falcons GM Terry Fontenot seemingly explains to Arthur Blank why they drafted Michael Penix Jr. despite signing Kirk Cousins to a $180 million contract

WATCH: ‘Awkward’ Falcons GM Terry Fontenot seemingly explains to Arthur Blank why they drafted Michael Penix Jr. despite signing Kirk Cousins to a $180 million contract 

Falcons GM Terry Fontenot dicussion with Arthur Blank after his bold draft decision (Via The Falcoholic/X/Yahoo Sports)

This offseason, the Atlanta Falcons made two splashing decisions. First, signing Kirk Cousins in a lucrative deal and bringing him among the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league. And second is from the 2024 NFL draft, where they drafted Michael Penix Jr. using their No. 8 pick.

Entering the draft, no one had expected the Falcons to use their first-round pick on a quarterback, as they already have one of the top quarterbacks in the league. The franchise was expected to go with a defensive player.

But when they went with the quarterback, it’s safe to assume General Manager Terry Fontenot made a bold decision, and he had to properly explain the reasons behind his actions to Arthur Blank, owner of the Falcons.

Interestingly, footage caught by the NFL Network has gone viral on the internet, where Fontenot with an awkward face was seen explaining something to Blank. Though it cannot be interpreted what the two were discussing, it did seem like Blank had some pretty tough questions for the Falcons GM after his bold draft pick.

Earlier this week, Fontenot already seemed to have clarified the reasoning behind his decision as he mentioned the quarterback position as a “critical spot.”

He also commended the Green Bay Packers for their strategies to draft a quarterback in their first round of the NFL draft, as it helps utilize the duration of their rookie contracts to develop them patiently.

Falcons welcome prodigy QB Michael Penix Jr.

And by drafting Penis Jr., Fontenot proved he is implementing that strategy into his franchise this time. Even if the Falcons weren’t totally in sync with the draft decision within the franchise, they sure seemed thrilled during the phone call with their newly drafted quarterback, Penix Jr.

Michael Penix Jr.Michael Penix Jr. (via ESPN)

We’re really excited. And, obviously, you’re a special person. You’re a special player. And that’s why we’re turning this card in right now, right? We want you to come here and be a part of something special, okay?

Said Atlanta GM

Owner Blank, who also spoke to the Washington star quarterback, extended a warm welcome to Penix Jr.

We’ll give you a big Atlanta hug tomorrow.

Owner Blank said

Before moving to the University of Washington, Penix Jr. played at Indiana for four years. He led Washington to the college football playoff final against the Michigan Wolverines.

Counted among the best quarterbacks in college football, the 23-year-old led his team to a remarkable 14-1 season in his final year with them.

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