What Are Michael Jordan’s Playoff Records? Are They Better Than LeBron James?

Many regard Michael Jordan as the all-time greatest basketball player, and his remarkable playoff record throughout his career supports this.

Jordan’s perfect record of winning 6 out of the 6 NBA Finals he entered is well-known, but achieving this involved many challenges. LeBron James, in comparison, has clinched the championship only four times despite making it to the final stage a total of ten times.

This article will explore Michael Jordan’s Playoff history and question if it surpasses LeBron James’s record.

Michael Jordan’s Playoff Record

Michael Jordan’s Playoff Record is truly remarkable. He holds the NBA records for career regular season scoring average, with an impressive 30.1 points per game. In addition, his career playoff scoring average is an astonishing 33.4 points per game. Jordan’s achievements include six NBA Finals MVP awards, ten NBA scoring titles, five NBA MVP awards, and nine NBA All-Defensive First Team awards. His legacy in the basketball world is truly unparalleled.


While playing against Miami in the 1992 playoffs, Jordan shattered two records in a single half by making 20 free throws and undertaking 23 shots, with both records still standing tall.

He also equaled an all-time defensive record by nabbing eight steals in one half, and he shares the record of leading the NBA in steals three times.

Jordan’s extraordinary scoring skill shone brightly in the playoffs, where he maintains an unbeaten record for scoring the highest points in a playoff game, 63 points against the Celtics in 1986.

Additionally, he set a sustained playoff record in the 1991 Finals versus LA by successfully striking 13 consecutive field goals without missing, another unmatched playoff record.


Beyond scoring, Jordan also set a persisting playoff record in 1988 by making 24 field shots against Cleveland. In the 1991 match against Detroit, he pulled off another enduring playoff record by making 13 free throws in a quarter.

Jordan’s imprint on the game propagated beyond his records, for he played a huge role in globally popularizing basketball and the NBA.

This basketball icon also notably influenced fashion, particularly with the Air Jordan sneakers and changing player uniform trends. This contribution solidified his stature as a cultural icon.

LeBron James Playoff Record

Basketball icon LeBron James showcases an admirable playoff record, having reached the NBA Finals on ten occasions and securing four championships with three unique teams: Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Lakers.


He frequently headed his squad in scoring, rebounds, and assists, playing an influential part in these triumphs.

James’ high-level playoff performance is a consistent theme throughout his career. His record includes scoring over 40 points seven times during Eastern Conference postseason matches and over 27 points on average during his NBA Finals participations.

His exceptional contribution to the game has won him four NBA Finals MVP accolades. James’ command of basketball surpasses just the NBA.

He also boasts of two Olympic gold medals won playing for the United States men’s basketball squad. His undeniable influence on the sport continues to motivate and inspire both fans and fellow players due to his passionate work ethic and commitment to basketball.


In comparison, Michael Jordan’s playoff record is established at 119-60, translating into a winning percentage of 66.4%. On the other hand, James’ record stands at 182-102, equating to a win percentage of 64.0%.

However, it is crucial to mention that Jordan’s teams, on average, outperformed James’ teams, with the Bulls recording more victories and a superior net rating.

Furthermore, Jordan’s opponents had a higher net rating during the specific season they encountered the Bulls, suggesting Jordan’s conquests were generally more formidable during those seasons. Regardless, both players exhibit outstanding playoff records, leaving the debate on who’s superior ceaseless.

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