Young Sheldon Stars Iain Armitage & Annie Potts Share Honest Reaction To Wrapping Filming

Young Sheldon stars Iain Armitage and Annie Potts reveal their honest reactions to wrapping filming on The Big Bang Theory prequel series.

Meemaw with Sheldon leaning on her shoulder in Young Sheldon

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Young Sheldon stars Iain Armitage and Annie Potts offer their honest reactions to wrapping filming for The Big Bang Theory prequel, and what it was like to see the show end. Armitage and Potts have portrayed Sheldon Cooper and Meemaw respectively on the series since season 1. However, with season 7 being the final entry in the spinoff, their time filming the final episode was seemingly the last for their characters in the franchise.

Speaking with Variety, Armitage and Potts offered their reactions to wrapping filming on Young Sheldon season 7, and, in turn, finishing their work on the series. Both actors admitted how emotional finishing the series was, especially given how big a part of their lives the comedy has been since 2017. Check out what Armitage and Potts had to say below:

Potts: It’s been really, really, really emotional. I mean, it’s been half of Ian’s life, and it’s been a 10th of mine, but at 70, that feels significant. And, you know, it’s a little village that we have, and we’ve all taken care of each other and raised each other up. There will be a grievous hole in my life. There’s no question about it. It’ll get easier. Grief does, loss does.

Armitage: It’s definitely hard to end and getting to work with such incredible people will always make it harder. I feel so lucky for seven wonderful years, but at the same time, I’m very excited because I get to come back out [to Los Angeles] in June. I’ll get to hang out with Annie, I’m getting my pilot’s license and I’m going to get to give tours at Warner Bros., which will be wonderful.

What To Expect From Young Sheldon’s Final Episodes

The Finale Is Set To Be Very Emotional

Sheldon with an odd expression on his face in Young Sheldon next to adult Sheldon looking up in The Big Bang Theory

The final episodes of the prequel series will bring the show to a proper conclusion, with season 7 showing Sheldon going to grad school. In addition to this successful moment in the young prodigy’s life, Young Sheldon will highlight George’s death, no doubt exploring its impact on his son before the season concludes. This can offer the series a proper sendoff that also underscores the narration the older version of the character provides throughout the show.

While the end of the show means Armitage and Potts won’t be portraying their characters anymore, the final episodes will give both of them a fitting curtain call. This is made all the more evident by Jim Parsons temporarily joining the Young Sheldon cast in the series finale, appearing as the version of his character from The Big Bang Theory to end the prequel. This means the story as a whole will likely end on a satisfactory note, though with plenty of emotion given the actors bowing out as their beloved characters.

However, it’s possible Armitage or Potts could appear again in the future, as a Young Sheldon spinoff focused on Georgie and Mandy has been announced, expected to air later this year. This means it’s possible either actor could reprise their roles in a guest appearance, depending on when the show takes place and who will be involved. Even so, the current prequel is a major jumping-off point for the franchise, making it all the more emotional now that it’s finally coming to a close.

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