Former NBA Player Accuses LeBron James Of “Manipulating” The NBA By Pulling Shady Stunt That Michael Jordan Could’ve Pulled, But Didn’t

LeBron James making a face and michael Jordan giving side-eye.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan (Photos via Getty & Netflix)

Since the LA Lakers selected Bronny James in the second round of this year’s NBA Draft, his father, LeBron James, has found more critics than ever. Former NBA player Steven Hunter is the latest to join the chorus of critics.

On his private Instagram account, Hunter criticized LeBron for allegedly forcing the Lakers to pick Bronny.

“For those that don’t know… Late second-round picks don’t get guarantees (especially before summer league). Typically, late second-round picks don’t get 4-year guaranteed roster spot deals either. This wasn’t earned, I’m sorry… And it’s an egregious abuse of power from LBJ & Rich Paul. It’s a slap in the face to all of the kids out there who work their asses off to get to the league. It’s sneaky Hollywood stuff like this that turns a lot of people off about LeBron… This is just another example of what they be talking about right when you try to like him,” Hunter wrote.

Hunter further fueled the controversy by comparing LeBron to Michael Jordan. He claimed that Jordan could have done the same for his son but chose not to.

“This is why most people prefer MJ or Kobe over him because you know at least MJ or Kobe are straight shooters… Trust me, MJ could’ve gotten one of his sons in the league if he chose to abuse his power like that… But he didn’t because MJ stands on earned not given, and he would’ve never given his son a sense of entitlement which is what LeBron James just did with Bronny,” he continued.

Bronny’s draft has already sparked discussions among fans, many of whom view Bronny’s draft as an example of nepotism. Even American columnist Jason Whitlock joined the fray, taking a shot at the father-son duo.

Fans React to Steven Hunter’s Criticism of LeBron James and Bronny

NBA fans quickly gathered in the comment section of the post, where Jacob made Steven Hunter’s private post public. Instead of agreeing with Hunter’s claims, most fans criticized him, particularly regarding his comparison to Michael Jordan.

Several fans pointed out the controversy over MJ’s alleged inflated stats, arguing that Hunter’s comparison was flawed. Others noted that Jordan’s sons lacked the skill to even be considered for the draft.

However, not all fans disagreed with Hunter. Some supported his comments, believing his critique of Bronny’s draft selection was justified.

What’s your opinion on Steven Hunter’s take?

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