Offset’s Mistress EXPOSES Saweetie For K!lling Cardi & Offset’s Relationship

Cardi B and Offset’s Marriage Drama: New Revelations

Cardi B Reflects on Rough Patch in Her and Offset's Marriage, Explains Why  They Stayed Together | Complex

The drama surrounding Cardi B and Offset’s marriage has taken a surprising turn, with new revelations adding layers to their turbulent relationship. Offset’s alleged mistress, known as Pri, has recently spilled major tea about the events that led to the couple’s ongoing marital issues, claiming that Saweetie was Offset’s long-time side chick.

For those unaware, Pri became a trending topic after her ex-best friend, Blue, accused her of having an affair with Offset. Blue also revealed that Pri had multiple pregnancies terminated at Offset’s request to keep their relationship hidden from Cardi B. The situation escalated when Offset and Pri allegedly doxxed Blue by leaking her address, suspecting her of informing Cardi about the affair.

According to Blue, Offset paid Pri $15,000 to remain silent about their relationship and the terminated pregnancies. Blue posted receipts of the payment, alleging that Offset offered the money to keep everything under wraps.

The drama didn’t end there. Reports suggest that Quavo and Offset were both involved with Pri, including participating in explicit activities with her. A viral video showing Pri with Quavo fueled these rumors, suggesting a deeper involvement than previously thought.

Cardi B Addresses Offset and Saweetie Cheating Rumors - Rap-Up

Moreover, speculation has been rife about Saweetie’s involvement with Offset. Rumors about Saweetie and Offset sneaking around behind Quavo’s back have circulated, which supposedly led to Quavo and Offset’s fallout. This was allegedly the reason behind Quavo’s public altercation with Saweetie, including the infamous elevator incident. Quavo later released a song, “Messy,” hinting at betrayal by someone close to him, further stirring speculation about Offset and Saweetie.

Saweetie, in her response track “Don’t Say Nothin’,” fired back at Quavo, questioning why men gossip about her affairs. However, her response was poorly timed, as it came shortly after Takeoff’s death, leading to accusations of clout chasing.

Amidst the chaos, fans demanded that Cardi B address the rumors about Offset and Saweetie. Cardi initially stated that Offset would address these rumors in his new album, but the album made no mention of the alleged affair.

Cardi later spoke on the Jason Lee Show, explaining that she chose not to address the rumors publicly to avoid prolonging the drama. She emphasized that she knew the truth about her household and did not feel the need to validate or deny the allegations.

Cardi B Hits Back After Offset Accused of Cheating With Saweetie: 'You  Lying' | Complex

Despite Cardi’s attempts to downplay the situation, it was clear that tensions were high. Reports emerged of a physical altercation between Cardi B and Saweetie at an Oscars after-party, allegedly initiated by Cardi. An eyewitness claimed that Cardi confronted Saweetie, leading to a heated exchange.

Although Cardi’s fans tried to downplay the incident, Cardi herself hinted at the confrontation during an Instagram Live session, confirming that she had “put someone in their place” at the party.

Saweetie, on the other hand, appeared unbothered, flaunting her wealth on social media and making subtle jabs at Cardi. The ongoing feud has kept fans and the media captivated, with many questioning the stability of Cardi and Offset’s relationship.

One notable aspect of the drama is that Cardi B is reportedly pregnant but has not publicly announced it, possibly due to the ongoing stress and embarrassment caused by Offset’s actions. Fans have expressed their concerns and opinions online, with some criticizing Offset for his infidelities and others questioning the silence from all parties involved.

In conclusion, the drama between Cardi B, Offset, Saweetie, and other involved parties continues to unfold, with new revelations and accusations emerging. Whether the relationship can withstand the turmoil remains to be seen, but it is clear that the public is deeply invested in the saga. As the situation develops, fans eagerly await further updates and hope for some resolution to the ongoing chaos.


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