VIDEO: Kawhi Leonard Was Spotted Making It Rain On Female Dancer At Gentlemen’s Club After Bailing On Team USA, And Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing

Kawhi Leonard on the court and Kawhi Leonard at a gentlemen's club.

Kawhi Leonard (Photos via Getty Images & @LakeShowYo/Twitter)

Team USA was prepared to dominate the 2024 Paris Olympics with an impressive roster. However, a recent change in the lineup surprised every NBA fan. Kawhi Leonard will not play in the Olympics, as announced on Wednesday by USA Basketball.

It seems that Leonard’s Olympic debut in 2024 is no longer happening, as the Clippers’ star player is withdrawing from Team USA’s Olympic squad to prepare for his 13th NBA season instead of representing the United States for the first time in his career.

However, an unpleasant video of Leonard went viral a few hours after his departure from Team USA. According to LakeShowYo, a social media account on X (formerly known as Twitter), Leonard was seen in Vegas after leaving Team USA.

LakeShowYo uploaded a video of a person throwing cash on a stripper in a club in Vegas and claimed that it was Leonard. Although the person in the video bears a resemblance to Leonard, it is still not clear whether it is actually him. However, a few fans claimed that he was not Leonard, and some fans claimed that the person in that video was Leonard, but the video was four years old.

NBA Fans Sound Off in Comment Section After Watching Leonard’s Video

NBA fans reacted similarly after watching the video and shared their opinions in the comment section of that video.

One fan claimed that the person in the video is not Leonard and commented, “This ain’t Kawhi though.”

Meanwhile, another fan reacted, “Let his country down to dabble in the hoes, typical Kawhi letdown”

Another admirer asserted that the Leonard video was made years ago and commented, “This old! This after he won the championship in Toronto.”

Another fan made fun of Leonard’s video, saying, “I knew he wanted to attend strip club that’s why they allow him to go.”

Recently, Leonard was seen at an exciting location enjoying Kendrick Lamar‘s concert. An audience member posted a video of the Clippers’ star player on social media.

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